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Quality Ideas

In DEUS PARTS we build "daily"  relations with our customers.



Deus Parts was established in 2013 and is active in the field of aftermarket  auto spare parts. Based on our 25 years experience and knowledge of the aftermarket,  we created Deus Parts in order to offer products that combine quality with competitive price. For this purpose, all our products have ISO certification and meet all the technical standards of quality and safety of European and Asian car manufacturers. At the same time we invest in continuous research of the global market so that Deus Parts products have the most competitive prices in order to be even more attractive to the end customer.


Οur philosophy and purpose in Deus Parts is to offer a continuously growing range of products that combine quality and competitive price in order to achieve long-term and strong relationship with our customers.


Our goal is the continuous investment in the development of the range of each product line and the addition in the future new product lines to offer our partners a complete solution for their business needs on a daily level.

To better serve our partners we created our online catalog. The users have the ability to see details of each product, its applications, the stock market prices and also to place online orders. Our goal is to ensure the most reliable and easy cooperation with our customers.


Deus Parts has 12 product lines covering the European and Asian program:

  • Wipers (Rainbow)
  • Brake pads and cables
  • Brake discs
  • Brake drums
  • Brake shoes
  • Water pumps
  • Fan clutches
  • C.V. joint kits and Drive shafts
  • Cabin filters (activated carbon)
  • Air filters
  • Oil filters
  • Fuel filters

In Deus Parts we give priority to quality control of products in all production lines. Our goal is to provide products with the same quality like the genuine spare parts that meet all quality and safety standards of the car manufacturers.

All our product lines have ISO quality certification in the production process. The products passed the technical proper function test before their final packaging and all have guarantee as defined by the European legislation.

Packaging of DEUS PARTS is designed for each product line individually in order to ensure the safety of any product into it. It also provides all the necessary product information such as: the product code, applications, competitive and original part numbers and barcode in order to be quick and easy the use by the customer.

Seek dealer

We are seeking dealers in every country or region of the world. The advantages to be our dealer:

  • Best quality and best price.
  • You are sole dealer for our brand products in your country or region.
  • When you don't know what products is for your car, it is convenient to search in our product page by scanning the two-bar code on the products' box.
  • We can produce over 5000 kinds of products, such as air filters, cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters, brake pads as so on. And update the products very soon.
  • We provide best service after selling.
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